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Making Fairy Homes

To teach our campers more about sutainability and good Fairy homes we make them our selves out of repurposed and found materials!  Our Fairy homes allow for your little ones' imagination to run wild with design while learning more about the impact of housing on Mother Earth

Creating our own Wings and Clothes


Through making our own Wings and Clothing, our campers learn more about becoming resourcefull by using recycled materials as well as empowering them to create their own fashion. 


Learning from the Fairy Queen 


Everyday our own personal Fairy Queen will teach lessons about life and loving yourself. Real Fairies know that love is the greatest magic of all and our games are designed to empower your children to love themselves and respect others around them.


Fairy Yoga 


The key to having a healthy body at any age is to start your practice young and take care of your body throughout your life. While our campers maybe young, they are increadibly smart and capilble young people so we help open them up to self respect through daily Yoga!



Summer Fun!
A New Magical World to Explore!

At FairyCamp you will be introduced to a magical world of druid mythology, the spirits of nature, and of course the Fairy Queen herself!  Ever summer we explore enviromentally friends arts including, 

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