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Some information about a clairvoyant reading and energetic healing with Jo:

Readings are one hour in length, a suggested $150 tax deductible donation (to Belladonna Sanctuary) and happen over the phone. 

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Since 1988 my method of energy work has been as a clairvoyant and psychic healer. The readings happen over the phone. We would both have our eyes closed. I stay in a meditation/trance throughout the session. I use my six chakra/3rd eye to “read” or psychically see images/pictures/information and energy in and around your body and on your timeline for this lifetime/incarnation. You get the best results if, before our session, you think about a theme or particular questions you would like me to address. In addition to reading, I am able to acknowledge where there are energetic blocks in your spiritual and physical body and, with your permission, will help clear those. It’s common to experience a sense of calm, even tingling when I do the energy healing and clearing. A healing should result in feeling physically/emotionally/energetically lighter and you should be able to see changes for the better in your body/health/wellness and in your life situations moving forward.

To schedule a session text 510/207-8563.

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