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About the FairyCamp Staff and some of the 2018 guest counselors

Josephine MacMillan
FairyQueen and FairyCamp Director
Teaching Global Fairy Folklore, FairyMagic, Herbal Medicine, Plant Identification and Uses, Nature Crafts
Born in New England and raised with her family’s Celtic customs and earth-based traditions, Josephine's grandmothers taught her how to see and speak with the fairies. She roamed with them wild among New Hampshire forests and streams. To lead the campers she blends her intimate knowledge of the fairy realm with a commitment to restore the planet, a BA in English and Studio Art from UNH, a MA in Humanities from the CIIS, a Green Building Certificate from BuildItGreen, and certification in Permaculture from the Regenerative Design Institute. She's the mom of Milo.

Margaret Price
FairyCamp Assistant Director
Teaching Fluttering 101, Dance Classes, Movement and assisting with all camp activities
Margaret is a certified 5Rhythms dance and movement teacher trained by Gabrielle Roth. She teaches classes and workshops internationally. She's been the FairyCamp assistant director since 2007.

Hannah Hawkins
General Assistant
Teaching FairyFashion and assisting with all camp activities
Hannah, age 19, is from Oregon City. She enjoys caring for children and has a passion for fashion design. Hannah assists with FairyCamp classes and events.

Leah Bendlin
Teaching Environmental Education, Mushroom Identification
Leah is a biologist, mycologist and a member of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Mycological Society. Leah is joining FairyCamp for the first time this year.
Instagram: @leah_mycelia

Forest Aliya
Teaching FairyArts, Painting, Fiber Arts, Weaving, Animal Telepathy
Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Forest is an MFA candidate at PNCA. She’s the mom of Szilaz. Forest has been teaching art at FairyCamp since 2007.
To see Forest's blog, click here.


Letty Chichitonyolotli Martinez

Counselor: Communicating with AnimalsLetty is a folk herbalist and dog worker who will be teaching the basics of understanding dog body language and establishing communication and understanding with dogs. They will also be sharing information about herbs that are safe for dogs for a few ailments.Learn more about Letty’s powerful work and services here: +

Erin Nova
Teaching FairyCircus
Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Erin is a certified yoga instructor and teaches at Reed College. She's the mom of Felix. Erin is joining FairyCamp for the first time this year.
Facebook Page: @YellowHouseFit

Elise Collins
Teaching Chakra Tonics, FairyFood (Plant-based Nutrition), RainbowYoga, FairyMagic
Elise is an author, yoga instructor and artist in San Francisco who teaches workshops in Portland regularly. She's the mom of Krishna. She has been teaching at FairyCamp since 2004.
Facebook Page: @EliseCollinsYoga


Fir the Band
Teaching Elven Rock
The four members of this Portland rock band will be coming to FairyCamp to assist the FairyCampers in creating and performing their own rock song. Fir is joining FairyCamp for the first time this year.
Facebook Page: @firPDX


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